What is hair creatine?

What is hair creatine?
Naturally, there is a protein in your hair that makes it straight and shiny. In people with frizzy hair, this protein is not enough to soften the hair structure. Creatinizing hair by replacing the creatine content of the hair It can straighten curly hair and keep it shiny and silky for several months.
When keratinizing hair, a solution is used that combines creatine with the hair and repairs damage to the hair cuticle. As a result, doing keratin makes the hair shiny and reduces frizz and smoothness. In some cases, at the request of the beautiful barley, only Performed occupational therapy for the hair and regenerated the hair, which is called creatine therapy, which has no effect on the condition of the hair.
Hair creatine is a chemical process that makes weakened hair smooth and shiny. As a result, hair creatine can last 6 to 8 months and until this time after creatine your hair is smooth and shiny. There are different types of hair creatine and that Which method to use for hair creatine depends on the type and style of beautiful barley hair.

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